Paving stones. What are the benefits of clinker?

Paving stones are different... Not every paving stone and does not always fulfill its role properly. Much depends, in particular, on the raw materials for its production. For example, clinker pavers have higher strength, wear resistance and color stability compared to concrete tiles. Vclinker combines the highest strength with a noble appearance, and at the same time it remains an affordable material. What else are the advantages of clinker compared to other types of paving slabs?

High-strength clinker pavers

Compared to other available solutions, clinker pavers have exceptionally high technical parameters and operational advantages. Why? Clinker is made from a mixture of different types of clay, which, as a result of firing, acquire natural colors. During firing at a temperature of approximately 1000 °C, an agglomerate is formed, the characteristics of which even natural stone can envy. One of them is the compressive strength, even equal to 200 MPa for paving stones 47 mm thick. In practical terms, this means that thinner clinker pavers are almost twice as strong as 80 mm thick concrete tiles.

Paving stone that does not fade

Clinker pavers retain all their functional advantages and beautiful appearance, including color, throughout the entire service life, since the color depends on the raw materials used in the production (different types of clay are responsible for specific shades) and ultra-precise control of the firing temperature. This facilitates the installation of even the most complex patterns, and at the same time gives confidence that the road, the entrance to the house, the sidewalk or the terrace will delight many generations of users with their color and thoughtful pattern.

Wear-resistant pavers

It also depends on the method of clinker production whether paving stones from this material will have the highest wear resistance class. A feature of the ceramic agglomerate is an extremely strong bond between the elements that form it, which is incredibly difficult to break. Unlike concrete tiles, clinker pavers practically do not wear out. Even with heavy traffic, it does not cause the formation of harmful dust. In addition, such paving stones do not require renewal, painting and periodic replacement every several decades due to wear.

Slip-resistant pavement

This is one of the most important consumer properties, as it provides the user with security. Clinker pavers in this case are characterized by the highest resistance class. In this competition, it wins not only with concrete tiles, which become slippery during operation, but also with granite paving stones, which often have an uneven front surface, which makes it difficult to remove snow and when walking in high-heeled shoes.

Paving stones: cheap installation and operation

There are several methods for laying clinker paving stones, but the so-called elastic method (on a compacted crushed stone pad, without the use of cement to connect to the base) deserves a special recommendation. The right choice of crushed stone of various fractions provides the surface with a high bearing capacity - without the need for an expensive concrete base or strengthening the base with cement. Additionally, the use of base paving stones in the design of borders and steps will allow to reduce costs. This is possible due to the fact that clinker paving stones have as many as five beautiful faces: both flat surfaces, two pokes (short sides) and one spoon (longer side). This property allows the product to be used more widely than its intended use implies. Of course, the strength of the clinker and its resistance to pollution play a key role in this case: as a rule, rain “takes care” of keeping the paving stones clean. But if you accidentally spill paint at the entrance, it is enough to turn the damaged pavement tiles to the other, clean side. In terms of color and texture, they will not differ in any way from the rest of the paving stones!

Paving stone with good adhesion

From the surface of roads, entrances, sidewalks and terraces, we expect that it will not be slippery for car wheels and pedestrians. Clinker has this property both in dry and wet form. And since this is what was discussed above, the clinker also has excellent wear resistance and is not prone to becoming slippery. Despite decades of operation, its surface remains safe: it does not become smooth (especially after rain), which is often the cause of falling on slippery granite slabs or stone paving stones.

Paving stones with a wide range of colors and a large selection of patterns

Clinker paving stones acquire color as a result of a natural process. It is available in a wide range of colors, including yellows, oranges and all sorts of reds, as well as browns and trendy graphite tones. In addition to paving stones, which have a relatively uniform color, products with