Order a sample

Who may need a sample?

  • Customers who don't have the opportunity to come and see the product in person;
  • Those who want to take a sample and see how the material blends in with others, such as a roof, entryway, or exterior.
  • Customers who have doubts about the completeness of the color and texture of the product on the website;
  • Customers who want to choose from several options or see them in a mix.

Sample delivery time depends on product availability.

Delivery terms are agreed upon with the customer separately.

Order of service

Choose a product from the catalog. There are several examples.

Leave a request for a sample by contacting us in any of the ways listed below.

Your manager will specify details and inform you about terms and conditions of receiving samples.

Call us and we will answer all your questions:

+372 5662-3926

+372 335-03-50

You can also send your request by mail:


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