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Service package:

  • Professional consultations, material selection and accounting for project documentation.
  • Leaving a personal driver or sending samples to the facility.
  • Technical support from the manufacturer.
  • Seminars and trainings.
  • Provision of textures, catalogues, brochures

      Advantages of working with us:

      • Project prices.
      • Personal manager
      • Top products are always in stock.
      • Free storage of goods in the warehouse for up to a month.
      • Discounts for complex orders.
      • Loyalty program.
      • Maintenance of construction projects.
      • Submission of samples.
      • Calculation of materials.
      • Convenient payment terms.
      • Delivery 7 days a week.
      • Master classes and trainings from manufacturers.
      • Operational communication in a convenient way.
      • Availability of required certificates.

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