The neutral gray color of the roof blends in perfectly with the surroundings of every home and is increasingly being chosen by architects and investors. It is a versatile choice, elegant and classic at the same time.

Private house with flat roof tiles Bergamo

Private house with flat roof tiles Bergamo
Among the ceramic tiles of the Röben brand, you can find one of the most popular offers in recent times - Bergamo flat tiles in an elegant gray color. Bergamo is a series of ceramic tiles that are distinguished by their flat surface and their simple shape, making them perfect for contemporary minimalist design. This is an excellent solution for gable roofs and envelope roofs with a large area and a low degree of complexity. In addition, its gray color harmonizes with the natural colors of the environment, complementing the design and architectural composition of the house.

An integral part of the environment

Modern designs are natural and neutral. Hence the recent popularity of flat gray finishes. They noticeably replace the traditional red ceramic tiles that have sparkled over the years. The main reason why investors today choose gray over red is the combination with design and the environment. The gray roof is the perfect, neutral complement and a not-so-distinctive dominant accent, as is the case with the red roof slopes.

Natural = modern

materials - shingles, straw, but also a continuation of the once popular cement tiles. The coloring characteristic of steel or concrete is also a clear association with modernity. The color of the roof is extremely important for the investor, but the second feature of the architectural restraint of the roof is its shape. Bergamo tiles have a flat shape with a smooth surface. This makes the whole project seem visually lighter and less noticeable.

Design with high technical parameters​​​​​​​​

Modernist design is not the only benefit of Bergamo flat tiles. It has a number of technical advantages, which are confirmed in the Declaration of Conformity and the CE mark. The tiles have been designed to provide exceptional roof tightness. The special design of the locks, equipped with "teeth", which facilitate the precise fixation of the tiles, guarantees adequate protection against strong winds.

The coating is also characterized by high frost resistance, durability, acoustic insulation of the building, and when using appropriate thermal insulation, also heat resistance. Bergamo also has a special drainage system, thanks to which, even during heavy rains, the coating will not be damaged and protect the structure from flooding and moisture.

Flat tile Bergamo - on which roof?

Flat tiles require great precision. This is a more demanding type of roofing than corrugated shingles. To achieve a visually beautiful and fully functional roof, remember that any uneven rafters or hard covering must be corrected when leveling the battens. 

The unevenness that is acceptable for flat tiles is only 2-3 mm on a batten 3 m long. The roof structure itself must have a slope of at least 15° - on a sealed surface, at least 25° if we use a standard roofing membrane. To cover 1 m2 of roof you will need only 12 pieces of flat tiles. The price list for flat gray tiles Bergamo is available on the website

Elements that form a whole

The most important technical parameters, modern design are undoubtedly one of the most important distinguishing features of Bergamo roof tiles. It is very important that in the assortment you can also find a number of roofing accessories, in particular, ridges, chimney and ventilation tiles, which are designed in a single style. Thanks to this, all elements are combined with each other and look aesthetically pleasing on the roof slope. Their use, installation and subsequent operation no longer cause problems.