Quick-Mix – German manufacturer of environmentally friendly building materials. Since 1967 the Quick-Mix brand has been producing dry mortars for masonry, facade and interior, tile and floor as well as for garden, landscape and road construction.

The company is constantly engaged in research and development, which helps keep the quality of the products at the highest level.

The Benefits of Quick-Mix 

  • A large variety of products. We offer you mortars for all kinds of building solutions: glue mortars and basic plasters, decorative plasters, dry mixes, masonry mortars and much more.
  • Easy to use. The manufacturer's basic idea: «Dry mix + Water = Done!»
  • A large palette of colors of masonry mortars, allows you to embody any design solution
  • In addition to masonry mortars for bricks of different water absorption, you can find Quick-Mix products for use in low temperatures at our website

QM Lobatherm with Roben

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