Often, when choosing a facing brick, we forget about another aspect that is no less important for the appearance of the facade: the significant influence of the seam on the overall picture. The sharp contrast between the seam and the brick emphasizes the character of the masonry, while the less pronounced contrast brings out the color and structure of the brick. So, for example, a white seam stands out strongly against a black facade, and black seam emphasizes the dynamism of the masonry.

Our advice: ask your architect or building contractor for advice and, if necessary, ask for small samples of masonry, using seams in different shades.

It may be worth paying attention to the same color seams as the brick. Such seams are used infrequently, but in some cases, it is quite possible that they can create a bright accent in the architectural appearance of the house.

The Faro masonry, with white horizontal seam and black vertical seam, was designed for BRICK DESIGN ©

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