AARHUS - ceramic clinker bricks and clinker cladding tiles

The new Röben AARHUS collection is produced in the most modern clinker plant in Europe in Bannberscheid. Clinker bricks and paving tiles look like typical hand-molded bricks, but in fact thry are very dense fired clinker bricks made from Westerwald clay. The series starts with seven colors and covers the entire color range from sandy white to elegant anthracite.


The colors sand-white-multi-colored, white-gray and anthracite are also available as full clinker bricks in the NF, DF and WF formats. Special production is also possible.


Due to the low water absorption of only 2.5 - 3% and the high dimensional accuracy, AARHUS brick slabs are ideal for all thermal insulation composite systems, both with and without a joint control system. The tiles are manufactured in 14mm thickness in NF format and angle formats.